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Referring to Santa Clara County simply as Silicon Valley would not be entirely wrong. This county is, in fact, the epicenter of the tech industry, the heartland of innovation, and the hub of world-changing advancements. But to reduce it to the assumptions and preconceptions that come along with all things tech, is to miss the beauty and stunning landscape throughout this county that makes the quality of life nearly unsurpassable. For most of the nearly 1.8 million residents who call Santa Clara County home, it’s not just about being in the middle of it all— it’s also about the ability to get away from it all.

As one of California’s original counties, Santa Clara was established at the same time statehood was declared in 1850. Agriculture was the dominant industry for most of the county’s history but the first seeds of the modern-day technology era were planted when Hewlett-Packard famously began in a Palo Alto garage in 1939. No one could have predicted how those seeds would eventually create a global revolution but here we are and the future is amazing.

Today, the culture and landscape of Santa Clara County remain diverse and vibrant. Sprouting up around Hewlett-Packard are the world’s biggest names in tech— Google, Appel, eBay, Yahoo, Facebook, Symantec, and LinkedIn, to name but a few. This is a place where world-changers come to work and create. But it’s also a place where those same people live and play and raise families in one of the world’s most beautiful settings.

From the hills of Los Altos to the bayfront of Mountain View, Santa Clara County’s communities offer just about any kind of residential setting one might desire. Revitalized and up-and-coming downtown centers feature modern, sleek urban condos, while those looking for stately mansions might venture toward Los Gatos, Atherton, or Monte Sereno. There are also all the choices in between— from rustic cottages to iconic mid-century ranchers.

Santa Clara County doesn’t give the impression that it means to be exceptional, it seems it just can’t quite help itself. With one of the most elite universities in Stanford, endless options for some of the finest cuisine around the globe, access to world-class performing arts, and its own international airport, it’s easy to see why the entire planet keeps its eyes on what’s happening here.

The cost of living may make headlines on occasion, but spend a little time in Santa Clara’s thriving communities and you’ll quickly notice a sense of balance between celebrating the area’s deep roots, history, and culture, while fearlessly looking to a future that seems limitless.
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